Our Philosophy
Individuals, training in Choi Kwang Do, focus on achieving optimum health and wellness by training at a moderate level of intensity in classes, rather than training at a high intensity for a competition. Choi Kwang Do classes are taught in a friendly, family-orientated atmosphere, and in a fun and easy to learn manner.

The development of character and mental strength based on CKD’s principles is considered the most important overall goal in CKD training along with the attainment of proper CKD's techniques.

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We believe that the best way for you to decide whether or not Choi Kwang Do is for you is to try it for yourself!

We are offering you a no-obligation, one-on-one session with your own instructor.

You'll experience some of the basic moves and watch the instructor demonstrate some of the advanced movements that you could also be doing!

More importantly, you'll get the chance to ask questions "face to face" and explore the benefits of Choi Kwng Do.

Simply fill in the form opposite and we'll call you back to arrange your Free Trial Class.

We really hope to see you soon and introduce you to the wonderful world of Choi Kwang Do.

Pil Suhng!

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CKD Belt System
White Belt
White Senior
2 months
Yellow Belt
4 months
Yellow Senior
6 months
Gold Belt
8 months
Gold Senior
10 months
Orange Belt
12 months
Orange Senior
14 months
Green Belt
16 months
Green Senior
18 months
Blue Belt
20 months
Blue Senior
22 months
Purple Belt
24 months
Purple Senior
26 months
Red Belt
28 months
Red Senior
30 months
Brown Belt
Brown Senior
34 months
Black Belt - IL Dan
40 months
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